The dress:
Something noisy, astonishing and utterly scandalous. Gold lame...

The jewellery:
Yellow diamonds. Large ones.

The date:
6-8 Oct; 22-29 Nov; not Nov 20 or Dec 4. Christmas time and the whole of January are fantastic. Sundays afternoons are great.

The wedding:
For a start, let's alert the media. Then we'll put on a show to make it worth their while. Get a good guest list too. And maybe some food.

The honeymoon:
Mrs Leo is not only outrageously romantic, she's also wildly generous. So why not take the buddies along? Just a few...

The wedding gift:
A hand-carved gold Buddah from Tibet. Or a tiny beaded brooch made by a little orphan who lives in a treehouse.

Leo as a wife:
Have you ever watched a caged lioness prowling up and down in an obvious rage? Take a good look. Because that's what you get if you limit Mrs Leo in any way at all. But set her free, and she'll fascinate, intrigue, adore and frustrate any man with the courage to stick around.

What's next?
What happened? Did you inherit millions, or just fall in love with your life. Whatever Mrs Leo does now, it is destined to be a raging success. So in marriage, business or simply a determination to follow a dream, the prize has already been wrapped.