The dress:
The latest fashion mags could help with this. Or one of those fabulous designers every self-respecting Libra calls her best friend.

The jewellery:
One quietly elegant &ndash expensive – piece. Sapphire perhaps.

The date:
The Libran New Moon on Oct 6 offers magic. Otherwise, wait for Nov 24-29, Dec 9-12 or the last two weeks of January. A Friday afternoon.

The wedding:
The watchwords here are stylish, elegant, fashionable. A small island off the coast that only fifteen people have heard of.

The honeymoon:
Nothing low rent. If funds are down, she'll wait. If not, a tour of the Italian design houses would be nice. With champagne brunches.

The wedding gift:
None of those joke presents. If you can't afford the real thing (any real thing) send beautiful flowers and a card. Or donate your offering to the charity of your choice – and let it be known.

Libra as a wife:
Once she's decided to take care of you, she's more attentive than anyone deserves to discover. Not that she'll necessarily undertake the dirty work herself – but she'll make darn sure it gets done. She has, however, no understanding of budgets – and no interest in finding out. Class, she's got.

What's next?
Easy and successful – relatively speaking. Your goals are reached; your plans work out and your dreams are waiting to be heard. The only question left then is: what do you really want? Time to decide.