Pisces in the workplace is a poor listener who prefers to hear the sound of his or her own voice. Anyone working for such a boss needs to be mentally strong and ought not take them too seriously.

They are brilliant negotiators but are lousy as managers, always passing the buck! As employees, you'll find them daydreaming much of the time.

Creative professions suit this sign. They're more interested in reputation than money. Practical skills aren't there in abundance. School was more of a social centre than a place of learning. Pisces earns trust and professional standing through sheer presence.

By now, you've guessed that the fish doesn't live in the real world. To get the most from this artistic, perceptive and imaginative sign, try to let the Piscean pick his or her own projects.

With the Pisces imagination and confidence, this bid is likely to succeed. What's more, with that winning Pisces personality, there will be many supporters cheering on the sidelines.