The dress:
You get to be the princess in the meringue. A dream come true.

The jewellery:
Blue and white diamonds, or turquoise and white gold.

The date:
Oct 7-10, Nov 4-12, Dec 25-31, Jan 15-23, or any starry Thursday night that seems right. Piscean instincts will know.

The wedding:
Garters will be tossed, poetry read, and brides given away. Garlands of every colour decorate a gazebo near a bubbling brook. Yes?

The honeymoon:
He's washing her hair in the stream; she's kissing his toes while planning a sumptuous dessert. Love is the honeymoon. How and where, no-one has really noticed.

The wedding gift:
A few practical gifts might help our lost fish get her act together. A travel bag, perhaps, or a passport holder tied to an immoveable armband. Or maybe something soft, warm and delicious. Just like her.

Pisces as a wife:
No other woman is quite as able to make her man feel like a man – or rather, a god. She'll care for him, listen to his problems and even have some useful advice. Not much good in the kitchen though.

What's next?
Just as well money has fallen off your list – because for now, you'll have to make do with what you have. Not that there's really a problem. You've got your love to keep you warm. And he's probably doing really well. Just ask for your share.