In a Sagittarius CV you're likely to see not one, but many different kinds of jobs. They get bored easily and won't mind giving up a good wage to go grape-picking in Spain. The staff of Sagittarian bosses don't know whether to love or hate them.

It isn't very often that they lose their temper, but when they do, they don't care who's present. However, Sagittarian vitality is contagious and they can fire everyone up with both drive and ambition.

Sagittarius people are born to be successful and expect their staff to be as brilliant as they are. They are ideas people and get around obstacles with great style.

They work odd hours rather than set hours. A rigid routine makes them bored, depressed and unimaginative. They need to express their personality in their work, The best thing about them is that they tell you the truth, so you always know where you stand.