The dress:
Jeans and a T-shirt. Or the full deal. Complete with a wonderbra.

The jewellery:
Not too fussed. Something small that won't catch on things.

The date:
Definitely not Dec 4. Otherwise, Sagg is so lucky, she can pretty much take her pick. A Thursday afternoon in Nov or Jan would be good.

The wedding:
Sagg isn't really one for ceremonies – unless, of course, they're in a hot air balloon. Failing that, a registry office and a huge party.

The honeymoon:
Sagg sees no point going anywhere without a mountain to climb or a dolphin to swim with. In between, She'll blow kisses to her man.

The wedding gift:
Who cares – as long as it's given with love. Mrs Sagg is just as likely to treasure a box of half-eaten chocolates as the gilded table on which they sit. Still, if all else fails, an animal or something sporty.

Sagittarius as a wife:
If you have a bruise – on your heart, your ego, your left leg – Mrs Sagg has a remarkable knack of standing all over it. But aside from that, she's honest, warm, enthusiastic, mind-boggingly lucky, wise and always determined to help. But very seldom alone.

What's up?
Marriage won't be easy – but the good ones will emerge stronger and deeper for being tested. Still, Mrs Sagg is changing, becoming more mature and even responsible.
New opportunities – for work, travel and learning, come up every five minutes. Grab the best and run. Husband too.