Employees and bosses alike soon learn that Scorpio won't stand for any nonsense. Scorpio is a hard task-master and everyone else is expected to fit in with their ways.

Scorpio people aren't afraid to take chances where business is concerned, whether it's theirs or yours. Their career has probably been built on gambling and speculation, and their ambition is strong.

Scorpions think they're the boss, whether they are or not. They also consider themselves transparent. If they want to leave early to see to their own affairs, then they will, and they consider it perfectly justified. There's many a loyal Scorpio worker behind people achieving big successes.

They want fame when it suits them, but when they want to go unrecognised, don't try to spotlight them. They only want praise from their loved ones, in truth. All the rest is a bit of an act for them. Scorpios are good public speakers, unafraid to look powerful people in the eye. They can persuade you to buy anything.