The dress:
Soft, shimmery, almost invisible – or black, daring and demonic.

The jewellery:
Rubies or moonstones with a history

The date:
The difficult dates are best for you &ndash all the better to conjure up your magic. Nov 20 and Dec 4 are the two biggies. Nightime is the right time.

The wedding:
If there aren't any cauldrons, Mrs Scorpio is going to want to know why. Her wedding is a chance to commune with her instincts and find her true self.

The honeymoon:
Who cares where it is as long as there are beds the size of bathrooms, black satin sheets, oysters on sticks and her man. Naked.

The wedding gift:
Go for lingerie. Or sex toys. Nothing crass – something exciting, limited edition, exotic and definitely not on the list. A Thai love potion, perhaps. Or even the masseuse to go with it.

Scorpio as wife:
It won't be easy – and you won't know until it happens – but when Miss Scorpio turns her light on you, the glow of the rays is almost blinding. Not to mention completely addictive. But then we get to the scorned part. If you want to live, don't scorn this woman.

What's next?
So much is happening within, it's hard to focus on the externals. Still, this is exciting stuff. It's time for the Scorpio energy to find its true power – and to push that envelope way past collapse. There's travel, adventure, new deals... and a new marriage. Interesting stuff.