The bull loves food so much, chances are the owner or chef of your favourite restaurant is a Taurean. The bull loves cash too, so look in your local bank if you want a Taurus partner to share your days with. Typical Taurus professions are singing and dancing.

The Taurus boss will be a sergeant-major one day and a buddy the next. Their moods can change in seconds.

Bulls command respect, but things have to be their way! It isn't very easy to work for Taurus, but the bull does make it worth your while in the end. Christmas bonuses are nearly always a sure thing. Taureans are ambitious and expect the same from those around them.

This is a sign that makes life fun if you work with them, and unpredictable if you work for them. They will take you to great places and always provide a shoulder for you to cry on when the going gets tough.