The dress:
Soft, flowing violet or lilac with velvet trim. Lots of layers.

The jewellery:
Emerald, coral – or semi-precious stones in rainbow colours.

The date:
Avoid Oct 10 - Nov 21 if you can. Otherwise any beautiful Friday evening or late afternoon

The wedding:
A dark, woody chapel with masses of candles and flowers. Gregorian chants add romance.

The honeymoon:
Either a luxury cruise on an ocean liner, or a flower-picking, earthy cave experience miles from the nearest laptop.

The wedding gift:
Mrs Taurus likes a well-stocked kitchen &ndash so don't be shy. In fact, buy two of everything. Ellesse would be good. But not vital.

Taurus as a wife:
More than anything, this girl needs to feel secure. You provide the finances, she figures, and she'll take care of the rest. Which doesn't mean she won't provide money too. But that's for her. Obviously.

What's next?
What perfect timing. The planets have zoned you in on home and family as you learn about history and roots. At the same time, anything deemed no longer useful is tossed out without a backward glance. A cleansing time. Lots of courage needed here.