Clever, quick and with a sense of fair play, Virgo is the good guy in the world of business. You won't be able to pull the wool over your Virgo boss's eyes, either. Pull a sickie and the Virgo boss will be on the phone offering remedies.

Virgo has talents that go beyond the ordinary workplace. However, you don't often see Virgo at the top of the tree. Virgo's talents are often expended making other people money.

Those who make it to the top do so through sheer hard work with a dose of well-deserved luck, rather than through the help of others. Good, reliable staff for Virgo are essential.

Virgo bosses are critical, conscientious and expect their staff to match their capacity for work. They are good at delegating.

They are fair, considerate, loyal and sincere, and expect the same from you. Their businesses succeed because of their good public relations, even if they haven't quite kept up with the latest computer equipment. Be punctual with your work. Time counts for everything!