The dress:
Let's go with cream. In natural fabrics. Soft and feminine.

The jewellery:
Agate or jasper. Simple and very personal.

The date:
Oct 15-31, Nov 22-30, Dec 22-31, Jan2, Jan 15-25 A cool Wednesday or Friday night.

The wedding:
The fact is, nothing is ever perfect enough for a Virgo. Which means the simpler the wedding, the fewer opportunities for mistakes.

The honeymoon:
No advice needed here. Mrs V has either been planning this since she was five – or she'd rather spend the money on a lounge suite.

The wedding gift:
Believe it or not, this is a woman who would genuinely be pleased with a lawn mower. Or casserole dish. Practical stuff. And don't even think about going the frilly route.

Virgo as a wife:
It is Mrs V's undoubted intelligence, rather than her fanatical perfectionism, that endears her to her man. But this is not your typical wife. Yes, she'll colour-coordinate your socks. But she's also sassy, independent, capable, determined and extremely shrewd. Watch.

What's next?
The universe is not so much punishing you as toughening you up for greater things. So yes, you may feel under-appreciated and misunderstood. But keep going. Your spiritual awareness is growing – and with it, your personal power. From now on, you get to call the shots.