In Good Company (IGC), in collaboration with DStv, celebrated women at its inaugural Experience Summit on Tuesday night.

Conversations about women empowerment and gender equality were the spark of the room as women from all walks of life came to be empowered.

Under the theme “Building the Africa of Tomorrow”, the experience was designed to celebrate and create a safe space for women so they could have open and honest conversations, including on ways of changing the state of gender equality.

US-based actress Issa Rae, the star producer of the popular HBO television series Insecure, was the key speaker.

Rae is known for being unapologetically black and standing for women; celebrating the connectivity of the black girl society and for breaking boundaries.

Rae touched on a few things but one thing she spoke profoundly about was failure – how she does not allow failure to dictate her life.

“For me the association I have with failure is like failing a test; and in the journey of my career; I do not stop; I do not give up and to me failure means it’s over.

“I am an optimist and a realist and I am a firm believer of if ‘it is meant for you it will come to you eventually’. I am very critical of myself. So my relationship with failure is non-existence,” she said.

Jabulile Gwala, the founder of IGC, said she created the dialogue for women to be empowered because it was not often that women had such spaces.

As part of celebrating women who are doing good and are the example in the community, the music veteran and humanitarian Yvonne Chaka Chaka was honoured with a St Ellen Award.