10 - 14 September   

Liam reels after Sally confirms that Thomas is in New York to spend as much time as he can with Caroline before she dies. Unaware that Katie has her eye on a potential suitor, Brooke gives her sister love advice about embracing happiness. Liam interrogates Wyatt about what he knows regarding Caroline and Thomas.

Quinn nearly discovers the romantic tension between Wyatt and Katie. Bill admits that he made up the story that Caroline is dying. Liam is stunned when he informs Steffy that Thomas was duped and she is less than eager to break the news to Thomas. Over at Spencer Publications, Bill receives an unexcited visitor.

Eric calls Sheila with the happy news about his marriage and advises her to move on with her life. Caroline has strong feelings of guilt accompanying the lie that has reunited her little family. Bill implores his niece to return to New York and enjoy spending time with Thomas and their son.

Brooke thinks that Sheila is back to her old tricks and cannot be trusted. Eric panics as he attempts to wake up an incapacitated Sheila. Quinn is shocked when Eric suggests for Sheila to stay with them for the time being. Bill offers C.J. a signing bonus of 5 million dollars compared to the original offer. 

Quinn cannot believe that Eric wants to open up their home for Sheila. Liam realizes that Brooke does not know the lengths that Bill has gone to in order to secure the Spectra site for his skyscraper. Sally attempts to convince C.J. to give Spectra Fashion another chance. C.J. turns down Bill's extremely generous offer.                                                      

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