11 - 15 September

Adrienne convinces Sonny and Will to come to the annual 4th of July picnic by the lake. Ben also changes his mind about going when he hears Abigail will be there.
Theresa blows off Eve and Anne before sharing a warm moment with Caroline. Meanwhile, Eve tries to charm Daniel, but he makes it clear he doesn’t mix business with pleasure.
Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from her. Abigail goes against her mother’s wishes and privately tells Daniel that Jennifer needs him right now.

Sami tricks EJ into making a major mistake. Stefano calls Kate with a favour, playing right into her hands.  Later, Sami gets an unwelcome surprise from Kate.
Nicole tries to use the situation with Sami and EJ to make inroads with Eric. Clyde arrives in Salem, and Kate gives him key information about Jordan and Ben. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rafe make love. She’s about to confess her past when he’s called into work. 

Maggie finds a hungover Brady and tries to reach out to him, but they’re interrupted by Theresa. Later, Brady invites John over and offers him a proposal.

Sami makes a big, game-changing move.
EJ turns down Nicole’s offer, unwilling to play into her personal agenda. Clyde watches Rafe and Jordan share a kiss. He accidentally steps on a twig and is almost caught. Clyde breaks into Jordan’s apartment. 
John is crushed when he realizes that Brady doesn’t want to work on their relationship. Brady lashes out at John, blaming his drug addiction on his father.

Eric’s talk with Theresa gives him insight into Nicole but it’s not enough for him to reconcile with her and he later turns his back on Nicole.

EJ urges Abigail to keep quiet about the hit he put out on Nick. Later, EJ receives shocking news from Sami.
Daniel gets a surprise when Eve says she can no longer use his services for the surgery they discussed.  Daniel is thrown but Eve reveals she is Theresa’s sister and has just learned that Theresa and Daniel have had “issues.” 
Jennifer tries to reassure JJ that she’s going to settle this issue over Eve’s lawsuit as painlessly as possible. Jordan is nervous about opening up to Rafe about her past, but Ben is sure it will be fine.  They’re both unaware that Clyde is in town, picking over items in Jordan’s apartment.

Sami and EJ have a major confrontation. Later, Sami pays a visit to Jennifer and Abigail.
Jennifer’s encounter with Eve goes from bad to worse when Eve starts making even bigger demands on the money that will be generated from Jack’s book. Eve insists Paige stay away from JJ, dropping the bomb that after Theresa overdosed, JJ was involved in entrapping Theresa into committing a crime.
Hope and Aiden are in countdown mode for the big fundraising gala tonight. In Las Vegas, Brady and Theresa drink and gamble to great excess - and Brady eventually passes out.

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