13 - 17 November

EJ tries to deny he helped Rafe keep Stefano out of Salem, but Sami has figured out the truth. He finally admits she’s right but he needs to keep his name out of it for both his sake and Sami’s.

They get very honest with each other, Sami admitting how much hurt she felt when she realized he’d been with Abigail.  EJ swears he’d spend the rest of his life making it up to her, if he could… and they come together in a kiss!
Abigail has locked herself in the storage room with Ben to explain why she pushed him away earlier. Eve observes a younger girl, Jill, working as a prostitute. 

After explaining she was once in her shoes, Eve offers Jill a way out… but Eve wants something in return – and it has to do with JJ. 

EJ and Sami share a close moment just as Kate arrives. Kate makes it clear to Sami that she can see what’s going on: Sami’s giving up on revenge and wants to reconcile with EJ. EJ talks to Stefano, who has no idea his son betrayed him.
Eve lays out her plan to Jill to keep her daughter away from JJ. Hope is struggling with her feelings for Aiden when she encounters Kayla. Aiden runs into Nicole. 

After a scratchy start, they decide to have a drink together. Nicole picks up on his frustrations about Hope, and she trashes Hope a little.

The thaw between Sami and EJ continues as EJ offers his support in regards to Stefano’s eventual return to Salem. Will and Arianna then pay Sami a visit. It’s tense at first, but Will makes inroads with his mother when he notes Arianna isn’t the only one who has missed her.
Theresa waits for Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, where she runs into Kristen. Kristen drops the bomb that John is about to wake up, leaving a freaked Theresa quaking in her heels.
Earlier, Marlena warns Kristen the drug she provided better save John’s life - or Marlena will make her pay.  Later, Marlena learns Kayla and Daniel have Kristen’s drug and that they have told Brady about it.

Brady doesn’t care that it’s from Kristen, as long as it helps John.  Daniel then injects the drug into John’s IV.

John has been injected with Kristen’s miracle drug, and Brady and Marlena anxiously wait for it to work. Brady thanks Eric for his selflessness and assures his brother he has no intention of ever getting back together with Kristen.
Theresa freaks out upon hearing the news about John’s possible recovery.  She accuses Kristen of making this all up simply because Theresa and Brady made love again.  Furious Kristen snaps at this revelation and attacks Theresa. 

EJ returns home, where he has an unexpected - and violent - reunion with Chad!

Chad confronts EJ with a gun. He’s furious that his brother slept with Abigail. EJ tries to explain, but Chad lashes out at him.
Theresa tells Brady that Kristen threatened her. Theresa expresses her concern to Eve about John possibly waking up.  Fed up with the lack of support from her sister, Theresa decides to take matters into her own hands.
JJ is excited about his first college party with Paige, but little does he know that Eve has hired a hooker, Jill, to discredit him in Paige’s eyes. Eve also enlists Marybeth, who feigns an injury to get Paige away from JJ. 

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