16 - 20 October

Daniel marvels that Kristen can actually believe Brady would ever have anything to do with her again.  Daniel informs her she’ll not get that chance: the truck they’re in is bound for Salem and when it stops, he’s taking her straight to the police.

Paige tells JJ she’s deferred Stanford for a year so she can stay in Salem. Hope returns from vacation and connects with Kayla.

Marlena tries to reach comatose John by putting on familiar perfume. She gets nothing and feels foolish but once she turns her back, a single tear escapes John’s eye.

As the truck nears Salem, Kristen makes a final plea to Daniel. Kristen makes one last attempt to escape.

Jennifer turns to Hope for support regarding Sami’s war against Abigail. EJ pushes Sami to reconcile but she holds fast. 

Brady consoles Nicole about Eric, while Eric confides in Marlena about his decision not to return to the priesthood. Sonny tries to talk to Will about his article, worried he might regret publishing it.

Abigail shows up at the apartment and asks to take a peek at the story but Will successfully deflects.  Later, he hands in his story to Zoe, the editor.

Jennifer, Hope, Sami, EJ, Nicole, Marlena and Eric are stunned by Kristen’s return. EJ tells a stunned Kristen he is cutting ties with her.

Jennifer follows Daniel to the hospital and does her best to reconnect. Brady wakes with a sense of dread.  He finds himself at the lake, where he remembers a hot moment with Kristen. 

Marlena tracks him down and tells him Kristen is back.

When Brady learns Kristen is back, he angrily rushes to the station to confront her. Kristen calls Stefano and asks for help. 

EJ convinces Sami he’s done with Kristen. Sami warns EJ he’s on thin ice. Will and Sonny celebrate the impending publishing of Will’s article. At the same time, Zoe hands Sami a copy to read.

Clyde corners Abigail and tells her he is at fault for the anger his children have towards him.  As his plan to do business in Salem starts to take shape, Abigail tells Ben about her conversation with his father - and Ben flares.

Sami is furious when she learns Will wrote the scathing article and she confronts him. Reeling Sami can’t believe he would do this to her, but Will says she gave him no choice.  She warns he will regret ever writing it.

EJ warns Kate that Stefano might be gunning for her and Sami. EJ realizes Jordan dumped Rafe. Adrienne and Abigail talk about her affair with EJ. Abigail assures that EJ is in her past.

Jordan runs into Abigail, who determines Jordan’s issue with Rafe isn’t about love, but trust.

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