17 - 21 July

Nicole tries to tell Eric about the evidence she found and tried to destroy. Hope questions Lucas about Nick and pokes holes in his story. Theresa attempts to ruin JJ's night with Paige. John reveals to Brady that they should track down Kristen.     

Jennifer worries about what Nicole will ask Daniel to do for her. Eric reveals to Marlena that he and Nicole are engaged. JJ seeks advice from Daniel about Paige. Hope is not thrilled to hear about Aiden's unethical attempts to get the venue for the gala. John continues to push Brady further into Theresa's arms.

E.J. draws up a custody agreement and Gabi adds a request that if anything happened to her and Will that Sonny would get custody of Arianna. Eric reveals to Sami about his and Nicole's engagement. Kate confronts Lucas about her missing gun. Nicole tries to evade telling Eric the truth.

Nicole reveals to Eric that Daniel is in love with her. Lucas admits to Kate that he took her gun with the intention of killing Nick but someone beat him to the job. Abigail reveals to E.J. that she plans to tell Hope everything. Jordan worries when Abigail informs her that Ben is being questioned by the police.

Nicole tries to convince Eric to escape with her. Hope continues to question Lucas about the evidence found on his shoes. Arianna's first birthday is celebrated but Sami and Kate argue over Kate letting Stefano back into her life. E.J. admits to Abigail that he hired a hit man but the hit man was not the one that killed Nick.

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