18 - 22 December


Sami is hit hard by an unexpected delivery.

Brady can’t help but bond with Kristen. Kristen subtly tries to place more doubt in his mind about the role he played the night John was hurt. Before he leaves, Brady tries to sever all ties to Kristen but she urges him to meet up one last time.

Nicole and Eric have a slight thaw. Daniel arrives, and Eric confronts Daniel about his secret talks with Kristen.  Nicole overhears and is stunned - and Daniel is put on the hot seat.

Ben, Jennifer and JJ support Abigail during a rough time.  Later, Jennifer is surprised to learn JJ wants to slow things down with Paige.  She questions why but JJ evades.

Sonny comforts a guilt-ridden Will.

Kate fears she and Sami could be in serious trouble.

Nicole and Eric are outraged at Daniel’s connection with Kristen, who causes a stir when she arrives. Kristen and Daniel go back to his place, where she asks for help with taking Theresa out before she ruins Brady’s life. 

Theresa asks Brady if they can start over. John considers confiding the truth to Marlena. Chad spends time with Theo. Later, Jordan spies Chad in a vulnerable moment.

Abe and Rafe get a lead on their latest case.

Rafe warns Kate to stop playing games with him and Jordan. Later, Clyde continues to court Kate. Jordan and Chad bond. Sami finally gets answers - but they are not what she expected.

Ciara has a huge reaction when she learns about the changes in Hope’s love life. Aiden receives Maggie’s blessing to date Hope. However, he gets testy when Maggie starts to ask too many questions about his life before Salem.

JJ turns to Daniel for advice on how to tell Paige his father raped his aunt. He fears deep down a part of him is just like his dad. Later, Paige tells JJ she’s ready to have sex.

Lucas gives Sami his support. Later, Kate has a shocking warning for Sami.

Earlier, Clyde charms Kate with a gift. She’s touched when he talks about wanting to make things right with his kids.

Ben comforts Abigail, who frets over saying something she didn’t quite mean. Later, they discuss his relationship with Clyde. Ben knows his father is trying to say all the right things but he’s seen enough flashes of his infamous temper to know he hasn’t completely changed. 

Paige tells JJ she’s ready for them to make love - but she doesn’t quite get the response she was expecting when he makes an excuse to call it a night.  Later, Paige sneaks into his bed, wanting them to make love.

Paige slips into JJ’s bed - and doesn’t understand his panicked reaction. - JJ can’t bring himself to tell her the doubts he’s been feeling about how much he’s really like Jack.

Eve and Eric go out for a drink after their photography session. She subtly flirts with him as Maggie happens upon them. Eve goes home and sees Paige is upset, but Paige won’t confide in her.

Kristen summons Daniel to make another pitch for his help in bringing down Theresa. Jennifer is surprised to find Daniel in Kristen’s hotel room. After Daniel goes, Jennifer warns Kristen about setting her sights on him.

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