18 - 22 September

Aiden compliments Hope on how beautiful she looks. Marlena interrupts with a crisis: the celebrity emcee she had lined up can’t make it. Marlena is roped into serving herself. Later, Hope and Aiden get roped into dancing the waltz - and end up sharing an electric moment.

Abigail’s worst nightmare comes true.  

JJ blasts Eve for torturing his mother. Eve fires back she won’t let him hurt her daughter. He ends up telling her the whole story of what happened with Theresa…

Meanwhile, Marybeth tells Paige it will never work out with JJ and Eve hating each other so much. She suggests that Paige forget about JJ and concentrate on meeting someone new at Stanford.

Brady and Theresa return from their trip to Vegas, and Brady passes out from all the drinking and drug use. When John arrives, he and Theresa face off over his son. Things get out of hand when Theresa gives John stunning news. Their heated argument ends in violence!
Abigail seeks comfort from Jennifer and tells her more about her affair with EJ. Will and Sonny are stunned by Sami’s news. Eric urges Sami to abandon her plans for revenge.
Hope pulls back from the highly-charged, romantic moment with Aiden. 

Theresa scrambles to save her own skin. Brady awakens from his stupor - and is stunned to realize he may have killed his father!  John is rushed to the hospital, where Daniel operates on him.  

Abigail is outraged when JJ and Jennifer fill her in on the situation with Eve. Abigail heads out in search of Ben, but runs into Eve.

Eric is disappointed when he can’t get Sami to listen to reason. Daniel encounters Eve and agrees to have a drink with her. She tries to make inroads, but Daniel is called off to surgery. 

EJ makes an emotional plea to Sami. Later, Sami is caught off-guard when Kate announces she’s moving into the mansion.
Abigail wants to explain everything to Ben, but he receives a text from Jordan and has to leave. Kate runs into Clyde, who has yet to present himself to his kids. Ben assures Jordan that Rafe will support her once she comes clean about her past. Later, Jordan’s worst nightmare comes true when she comes face-to-face with Clyde.
Marlena arrives and learns about John’s accident. She’s appalled with Brady when she finally hears how John was injured.

Kate moves into the mansion and though Sami is resistant at first, they end up bonding over their plans for EJ and Stefano. Later, Sami overhears Kate and Rafe talking about their fling.
Will confronts EJ over what he’s done. Will returns home and learns from Adrienne that Sami has had a major confrontation with Abigail and Jennifer. 
Ben asks Abigail if she is in love with EJ. Abigail goes to EJ and they lament how foolish they were for believing the truth of their affair would never come out.

Jordan and Ben have a tense reunion with Clyde. He cautions he has Jordan’s fake ID’s so running isn’t an option.
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