19 - 23 June

E.J. fantasizes what would happen if Sami discovers he had an affair. Sami finally picks a wedding dress and asks E.J. if they could just elope.

Liam hires a woman to give Jennifer information on drugs. Daniel faces the disciplinary committee at the hospital. Rafe uses his FBI contacts to run a check on what Nick was up to when he was in New York. Nick tries to lead Gabi into thinking that Sami is trying to take Arianna from her.

Jennifer verifies with the pharmacy that the pill bottle she found with her name on it is real. Nicole is able to track down Liam's ex-wife who initially refuses to meet her. Sami and Kate are concerned that Nick will place all the blame on them leaving Gabi in the clear. Paige finds out that she got into Stanford.

Debra fills Nicole in on Liam's past. Debra also gives Nicole a key to a safe deposit box where Liam likely hid the evidence. Theresa worries that Liam’s situation will expose her involvement. Nick arranges for Gabi to meet with Liam about a custody arrangement.

JJ is upset to learn that Paige got into Stanford. Jennifer realizes that Daniel has been set up. Liam overhears everything, including that Jennifer plans to head to the Horton Cabin.

Liam catches Nicole before she can find anything in his safety deposit box. E.J. is desperate to figure out who took the photo of him and Abigail. Nick reveals to Sami that his past better not come up in the custody case. Ben warns Rafe not to hurt Jordan.

Daniel confronts Theresa who continues to insist that she had nothing to do with his drugging. Theresa calls her mother and makes plans to leave town. Liam arrives at the cabin before Jennifer leaves.

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