20 - 24 November

Jill manages to get a couple of convincing pictures that make it look like she and a drugged-up JJ are making out. She “accidentally” sends it to Paige from JJ’s phone, then gives Eve an update before leaving town. 

Daniel finds an out-of-it JJ and reprimands him for getting drunk or high. JJ insists he didn’t drink and comes to the conclusion that he either drank a spiked soda by accident or someone drugged him on purpose.

He is shocked when he finds the incriminating photos on his phone and wonders if he has, indeed, been set up. 
Eric can’t get Nicole out of his mind, even as he tries to look to the future. Abigail is stunned Chad is back in town.

He, at first, seems happy to see her but soon his true anger about her sleeping with EJ takes over.  He blasts her, wondering if EJ was the DiMera brother she wanted all along.

Sami and Kate learn Chad has moved back into the mansion and plans to stay for good. Sami admits to EJ she sent Chad a copy of the article. In private, Chad tells Kate he wants to help her destroy EJ and Stefano.  
Hope is honest with Aiden about her growing attraction to him.  Aiden suggests they go out on a real date.
Jordan reveals to Rafe she saw Kate kissing him. 
JJ explains to Paige he wasn’t drinking and believes Jill slipped him a roofie. Eve is hopeful her plan for breaking up JJ and her daughter worked.  Theresa stops by, and the two sisters end up arguing.

Sami and EJ share a passionate kiss when Roman arrives and blows his stack. Clyde invites Kate to lunch, saying it would be a “nice beginning” for the two of them.
Chad intervenes when he finds Jeremiah coming on to Jordan in a creepy way. Abigail lets Jennifer know Chad’s back, and Jennifer worries his return will spell trouble for her daughter and Ben.     
Will receives his first assignment from Zoe - he’s to write about Chad’s return to Salem. Will balks. Tough Zoe says, he’s free to turn it down but then she’ll have to assign it to someone who may not be as protective of Chad as Will might be.

EJ tells Sami he knows they still have a steep hill to climb but is hopeful and grateful she’s giving him a chance. They share a meal, and it leads to a close moment. They share a look, full of meaning and intent… and then EJ leads her upstairs.

As Abigail chats with Rafe, Jordan confronts Clyde about Jeremiah suddenly appearing in Salem. Clyde warns her not to make threats. Chad informs Ben that he’s his boss.

Chad then discovers the envelope full of cash that Clyde gave Ben earlier and accuses Ben of stealing from the club.
Will and Chad talk about the article Will wrote. Chad exits before Will can ask if he can interview him for his next article. Will asks Sonny if he should just decline the assignment and to his surprise, Sonny says no. 

After months of bitter estrangement, EJ and Sami finally make love again!
Kristen and Chad reunite - and bond over their animosity towards EJ. Kristen advises her little brother to make sure he enacts his vengeance with stealth.
Abigail confronts Ben about the cash she saw him give to Jordan. Daniel tells Marlena and Brady the window for Kristen’s drug to work on John is quickly closing.

Brady goes to confront Kristen about her drug being just another lie. She insists it will work, then dangles the truth about what really happened the night John was attacked. 

At the hospital, Marlena and Eric are present when John finally starts to wake up!

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