23 - 27 October

Sami tells Kate about the article Will wrote detailing their takeover of DiMera Enterprises. They worry how the board will react - and also fear this could push Stefano over the edge. 

Will and Sonny anxiously wait for the online edition of Will’s story to hit the web. Abigail and Ben run into each other in the park and share some romance. As they kiss, EJ enters, and things get awkward. 

JJ is stunned when Hope mentions that Jennifer had a date last night. JJ presses his mom, who admits she had plans with Aiden but they fell through.

At the police station, Kristen waits to hear her fate as the grand jury hears witnesses. Fresh from testifying at the courthouse, Nicole arrives, finally getting her chance to confront her enemy. 

Paige confronts Eve over using Theresa to undermine Paige’s belief in JJ. Paige insists she’s committed to JJ. 

Jennifer meets with Aiden about her case when Maggie arrives with a proposal, offering to sweeten the deal so that Eve will settle and drop the lawsuit.

Eric arrives at the courthouse to give his testimony to the grand jury and runs into Kristen. Against her lawyer’s advice, Kristen waylays him and offers something of an apology. 

Brady, tempted to have a drink, finds his will power and resists… and then encounters Theresa who has heard about Kristen’s return.

Daniel grills Nicole about why Eric has decided not to return to the priesthood. Sonny and Will are waiting anxiously for Will’s article to come online but Sonny still feels guilty about how Abigail, though unnamed, is referred to in Will’s takedown of EJ and Sami.

Back at the apartment, Sonny gets to the article first and can’t believe what he’s reading. 

Sonny is upset Will named Abigail in his article, but Will insists he didn’t do it. Abigail receives some disturbing social media posts, and Jennifer asks Ben to take her daughter away from an intrusive reporter. 

Sami claims to EJ that she tried to stop the magazine from publishing the article and assures him she convinced the board there’s nothing to worry about. When EJ expresses sympathy for “poor” Abigail, Sami unloads on him.

Clyde tries to persuade Jordan that they can get through what happened in the past, but Jordan says that will never happen.  

Kristen is let go on $1 million bail, despite the D.A.’s argument that she is a clear flight risk. Brady tells Theresa he’s upset because he was told by a medical expert that there’s no hope for his father. He goes for a run to clear his head… and runs into Kristen. 

Daniel calls Anne out on her glee regarding the Abigail scandal. Will reveals to an angry EJ that it was Sami who named Abigail in the article

EJ returns home and finds rattled Sami, who says he has to help her! 

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