25 - 29 September

Nicole is surprised when Eric shows up at her hotel room. He asks her not to exploit Sami and EJ’s situation on her newscast. It gets tense between them and finally they wind up nose-to-nose, both feeling something very different than the animosity that preceded it.
Jennifer lets Eve know she’s got a full-fledged battle on hands over Jack’s royalties. Eve starts to wonder if she’s gone too far. 
At the hospital, Theresa worries Abe will uncover the truth about what happened to John. Meanwhile, anguished Brady is by John’s side, wracked with guilt. 

Sami gets a shock when Marlena tells her about John’s condition. Sensitive to her mom’s distress, Sami holds back from telling her about EJ’s infidelity.
Nicole and Eric start to give into the sexual tension between them but a phone call from the bishop interrupts. 

Jennifer comes upon Eve and Daniel in a fun, lighthearted moment and can’t help but see history repeating itself in the worst possible way. She charges up to confront Eve.
JJ worries what Paige thinks of him now that she’s learned more about his past actions with Theresa.  Paige has to admit that she’s wondering if she knows him as well as she thought she did.

Sami finally breaks down and reveals to Caroline how much EJ’s betrayal has hurt her. She also admits that despite all, she still loves him. Caroline advises her granddaughter not to focus on anger and revenge but to deal with her emotions so she can heal. 

Kate meets up with Clyde and is disappointed when he relays he had a “happy” reunion with his kids. He then warns that if she doesn’t help him break up Rafe and Jordan, he will expose her part in bringing him to town.
Jordan and Clyde clash over the past and Ben finally confesses to Abigail that Clyde is his father and Jordan is his sister.

Sami starts to open up to EJ, and just as it looks like she might forgive him, Johnny rushes in and inadvertently reminds her of EJ’s affair. Will strongly warns his mother to back off Abigail but she refuses. 

Will tells Sonny he agreed to write the magazine article about his mom and EJ. They meet up with Abigail, and Will is horrified to learn how Sami has been going after her. 

Abigail reels from Ben’s confession about his family. Hope’s plans to get away from Salem (and Aiden) hit a snag when Ciara invites Chase and Aiden to join them on their vacation. 

Victor and Maggie return to Salem to provide support for Brady. Brady admits to Maggie his guilt over what happened to John. He knows now he has a problem with drugs and alcohol and vows he will stay sober. 

Back at the hospital, Abe informs Victor and Brady the final forensics report will be delivered tomorrow – and then they will know if Brady with be charged with attempted murder.
Eve tries to cover her tracks with Paige about her hitting on Daniel. Nicole tries to apologize to Jennifer - she feels guilty about being part of the reason she and Daniel broke up.

Eric meets with Bishop White and learns drastic measures must be taken to clear his name. 

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