4 - 8 December

Kristen gets a shock when she comes to the DiMera compound and encounters Susan.  Susan declares she’s come face-to-face with the Devil herself. 

At the hospital, Susan visits John, who is unconscious. Daniel defends JJ to Eve. Paige gets a jolt when she overhears Kayla counseling a rape victim and learns Kayla herself was raped. 

Ben’s on the phone, and it’s clear money is tight as he tries to make plans for seeing Abigail later.  EJ and Sami conduct some business together as a team and it goes well. 

Sami can’t help but question EJ about Kristen’s accusation.  EJ assures her that his sister is only trying to cause trouble. He promises to spend the rest of his life proving his love to Sami.  

Chad passes along info to Kate from Stefano.  Clyde reveals to Rafe that he and Kate had dinner. When Rafe warns Kate about Clyde, she wonders if Rafe’s jealous, but he denies it.  

Ben’s afraid he messed up by setting up a private hotel room for him and Abigail. JJ inwardly freaks out as Paige gently asks him about his Aunt Kayla’s rape. 

Sami asks if Eric can accept her reconciliation with EJ. Kate plays mind games with Jordan, who sees right through her.  

JJ continues to refuse Paige’s suggestion that they go somewhere to be alone together. Paige can see he’s much more distraught than she realized about her overhearing that Kayla was raped. He looks at Jack’s picture, knowing he should tell Paige the truth…but how can he explain it to her when he doesn’t understand it himself?

Ben and Abigail make love for the first time and agree they need to find a way to be together again. 

Eric hears Daniel on the phone with Kristen, and Daniel admits they’ve had several conversations. She is interested in what happens to John because she still hopes to win back Brady. Meanwhile, Marlena and Brady are by John’s side when he regains consciousness.

Theresa tells Anne she’s confident John won’t remember anything. She goes to the hospital and learns John is fully conscious and alert – but his memory of the last few months is gone.   

Kate refuses to move out of the mansion and predicts EJ will still end up in prison. Hope tells Victor and Maggie she is divorcing Bo and plans to date Aiden.  

Sami reaches out to Chad, urging him to forgive EJ. Chad insists his brother is dead to him. JJ tries to tell his Aunt Kayla that Paige now knows his father raped her. However, he can’t bring himself to say anything.  

Jennifer enlists Julie to intervene with Eve, knowing they were once close.  Eve refuses to listen to Julie and maintains Paige and JJ won’t last.

Daniel admits to Kristen he believes Theresa is guilty of attacking John. However, he refuses to be a part of fabricating evidence – either John will remember or he won’t. 

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