7 - 11 August

Gabi has a tearful goodbye with family and friends after the Judge accepts her plea deal giving her ten to twenty years with the possibility of parole. Victor shows up at Theresa's apartment to call Brady out on missing work. Later, Victor warns Kate about getting back together with Stefano.

Hope reveals to Rafe that the truth about Andrew will soon be made public. Daniel realises why Melanie has avoided returning to Salem. Will finds out that Sonny knew about Gabi hiring Andrew. E.J. overhears Kate talking to Stefano about business. Abigail and Ben share a kiss.

John catches Brady after he has been using cocaine again. Kate hints to E.J. and Sami that she can convince Stefano not to support their marriage. Later, Sami asks Abigail to help plan the wedding. Rafe pushes Jordan away as he feels guilty about not protecting his sisters. Kate comforts Rafe. Theresa threatens to tell Paige the truth about JJ.
Sami and Nicole fight when Sami realises that Nicole hid the evidence to help clear Eric's name. Eric turns over the evidence to Bishop White and admits Nicole had found the evidence months ago and kept it secret. Jennifer shows up at Daniel's hoping to clear the air.

Will worries that his writing career won't be enough to support his family. Rafe and Kate admit that sleeping together was a mistake. Jordan expresses her worries to Abigail about her relationship with Rafe.
Sami asks Abigail to be her maid of honor. Aiden and Hope are able to get Mr. Howell to give up the Salem Inn Ballroom. Daniel rejects Jennifer's advances and the two break-up again.

Marlena finds out what broke up Nicole and Eric. Nicole announces to Marlena that the Bishop wants to talk to her. Daniel meets with a new patient who is a former Salem resident.

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