9 - 13 October

Kristen’s men are closing in, but Daniel is able to keep her hidden. Theresa, trying to assuage her guilt, shows up with annulment papers for Brady.

Eric and Nicole find themselves on the same plane to Rome, and Eric lays into her, saying her betrayal is worse than anything Kristen did to him.

Ben comes clean with JJ about his and Jordan’s past. Sami tells Jordan that Rafe cheated on her with Kate. 

Jordan confronts Rafe about his affair and is devastated when he admits it’s true. Privately thrilled, Kate “accidentally” makes things worse, and Jordan rushes out in tears.

Eric weighs his feelings for Nicole and for God. Later, he heads out to meet with the cardinal and finds himself face-to-face with Nicole.

Jordan lays into Rafe - she’s not sure if she can ever get over him sleeping with Kate. Adrienne tells Abigail she’s furious about Sami causing Abigail to lose her job. Abigail is a good sport, but it’s clear she’s worried about her future.

Afterwards, Adrienne visits Sami, who goes on the attack when Adrienne tries to defend Abigail. Ben and Abigail share a warm kiss, until Abigail opens her eyes and is startled to see Clyde nearby.

The tension is heavy as Nicole and Eric finally speak to the cardinal. Sami assumes Rafe has come by because he wants her back. Rafe reveals he came to ask if Kate told her about his indiscretion.

Jordan attacks Kate, warning she’ll never get Rafe back. Kate wonders if Sami is having second thoughts about EJ. 

EJ makes a deal with Victor. Victor warns EJ he’s heading down a dangerous path.

Ben rebuffs Clyde, who turns on the charm for Abigail. Abigail wonders if it’s possible Clyde is really trying with Ben, but Ben doesn’t trust him.  

Eric admits to the cardinal that while he desperately wants to be a priest again, he knows that’s not possible when he harbors such hatred and lust for Nicole. 

EJ is hopeful when he overhears Sami telling Kate she’s having doubts about her anger towards EJ.  He then meets with a new contact about expanding his shady business.

Ben physically attacks Rafe for hurting Jordan. Ben admits to Abigail that Clyde used to beat his mom and Jordan.  He’s worried he’ll end up like his father.

Aiden informs Jennifer there will be a ruling on the summary judgment today.

Daniel is determined to get Kristen back to Salem to answer for what she did to Eric. She makes a surprisingly emotional confession about why she went to such extremes.  

Nicole is rocked when Eric reveals he was offered his position back in the priesthood. Nicole reels.

Marlena tracks down Theresa, certain she knows more about the night John was injured than she’s saying.  Brady and Marlena meet with Kayla to discuss John’s case. They are rocked to learn the hospital is advising John be moved to a long-term care facility.

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