14 - 18 May

With prison no longer a threat, Lincoln continues to make HD his kingdom again. Lerato’s self-important behaviour gains her few friends. Zandre puts his foot down with Hendrik.


Sechaba tries to undo the PR damage to the hotel but Lerato makes things worse. Lincoln regains Benjamin’s trust but Kgothalo cautions him against this. Hendrik puts his foot down with Zandre.

The tension around Lerato’s careless comments during her interview escalates to new and terrifying heights. Mmakgosi becomes aware of the friction between Kgothalo and Lincoln and tries to mediate. Lincoln makes a startling revelation. Will Hendrik eventually come around where Zandre’s career choice is concerned?

When no customers show up at the salon, it dawns on Lerato that she might have caused the downfall of her own business. Benjamin thanks Lincoln for using his influence to secure him a job as CEO of SG - Ben sees this as a sign of Lincoln’s loyalty to him. Zandre announces that he is moving out.

Mayor Nolwazi’s visit to the hotel comes with a surprise welcome gift from the FFC. Kgothalo tries to convince her mother to be wary about Lincoln. Hendrik and Zandre refuse to let bygones be.


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