15 - 19 May

Niki gets help from David. Suffocate finds Puleng just in time. Sabelo and Mapula receive bad news. Mapula puts the blame of the accident on Sabelo’s absence. Lerato is faced with a difficult choice between the love of her life and the life she has built.
Sizwe may have to give up everything to be with Lerato. Puleng is worried about Themba returning, but David reassures her they won’t find a trace of him. Mr Ngcobo gives everyone a fright.
Sabelo blurts out the truth about Dineo. Lerato starts to realise how little she knows about Sizwe. Niki looks like she’s going to get away with the murder of Themba.
Niki's duplicity is discovered by Bash.Sizwe declares his love for Lerato. Puleng distances herself from the Ndlovu family. Mapula and Sabelo volunteer to get tested for donor compatibility with Dineo.
Mr Ngcobo wants to be tested for compatibility for Dineo's transplant. Niki reluctantly makes an admission. Lerato is going all out, wanting to meet Sizwe's daughter.

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