These women have been left fuming after being tricked into buying dresses that are nothing like the ones that were advertised online.

Posted on a Facebook page called Knock Off Nightmares, scores of livid shoppers have shared horrendous snaps of their bridal gowns, prom outfits and summer dresses that looked nothing like the items they spotted online.

“The point of this page is to inform girls of what might be delivered if they order from a knock-off site,” a warning on the page said.

“You can buy sale dresses from various sources, you can buy second-hand or you can support your local bridal store.

“The choice is entirely yours. Just remember if it looks too good to be true, generally, it is.

“Please know there are no online sites that show stock designer photos at a fraction of the real price that we’d ever recommend.”

While some eager shoppers bought the garments to accommodate their budget, other’s thought they were bagging a bargain.

Here are some of the shopping disasters:

A purple mess

A sheer disaster

Not that mellow in yellow

It’s a red-hot mess

A pink catastrophe