A 107-year-old great grandmother has become a rather unlikely internet sensation after her niece helped her set up her own social media page.

The centenarian, who’s named Maria on social media, thoroughly entertains her more than 5 000 followers with her hilarious comments and photos she posts on a daily basis.

The great-grandmother, from Rosenheim in Germany, is believed to be the oldest social media user in the country and says she wants “to show that life is worth living – even at 100 plus”.

Maria asked her niece, Anja, to help set up the page but is increasingly hands-on when it comes to posting updates.

Titled ‘What a 107-year-old does today’, the social media page highlights the daily life of the mother two, grandmother of five and great-grandmother of two.

The German native recently moved to a nursing home because of her deteriorating health after she was involved in a serious car accident.  

"She had a collision that was not her fault in September and was taken to the hospital with whiplash and strong pains,” said Maria’s niece Anja.

"My father could not care for her alone at home after the accident, so we brought her here with heavy hearts."

At one stage, Maria’s health appeared to be declining and she lost an alarming amount of weight due to her lack of appetite.

But then a resilient Maria decided that she wanted to get better. "Children, now I want to go on. Should we drink coffee or eat cake?" Maria said as her family gathered by her bedside.

The upbeat grandmother was born in 1909 and became an interior designer after the First World War.

Unfortunately, she lost her brother, father and the love of her life and father of her two sons in the Second World War.

But Maria went on to make the most of her life, travelling as much as she could, and watched football matches and Formula 1.

"For the spirit: be curious, don’t stay in one place. For the beauty: aloe vera cream, almond oil, tennis playing and a lot of fresh air. Otherwise, I love the beautiful and the funny,” she says.

The great-grandmother revealed that she felt there was ‘nothing better’ to do than swimming naked and having a ‘pretty strong’ cup of coffee.

And now all the 107-year-old wishes for is good health and a smartphone for her next birthday.

"I have wanted one since I was 103, but until now no one has bought me one.”

Source: Magazine Features