HP Sprocket

Price: R1 999

Rating: 4/5

There’s nothing cooler than Polaroid photographs, but I use my phone to take and store pictures, not an analogue camera. That’s why I am so, so into the new HP Sprocket – a pocket-sized wonder of a printer that allows you to print Polaroid-style pictures, straight from your phone.

I got one to try this week and went totally nuts printing some of my favourite memories. It was just so easy. All I had to do was download the free Sprocket app from the App Store, pair the device to my phone via Bluetooth, select the image I like, and click the print icon. Voila! Full colour, glossy, business card-sized pictures in a matter of minutes.

Paper, of course, is always the catch with these things. A pack of 20 Sprocket papers comes in at about R200, so around R10 a picture – which isn’t too bad.

It’s a sleek-looking thing too. The one I got is a black glossy machine – all concealed buttons and smooth lines. It charged in a few minutes and kept itself powered for some time after that.

The app is beautifully designed as well – very easy to use and stylish – and best of all, allows you to print directly from your Instagram, Facebook or Google Drive accounts.

It’s the sort of thing you should get if you’re having a party and want to give your guests a reminder, or maybe just something cool to keep on hand in case you want to print on the go.

A very cool thing indeed.