The closest Joburg got to what 2Bop does might have been Amakipkip a few years back and, more recently, Style Gang.

Some former seminal streetwear forces seem to have lost steam – does anyone even buy Loxion Kulca any more?

Talking to #Trending this week, 2Bop co-founder Anthony Smith said the brand was inspired by “golden-era video games, corner store culture, everyday people and other design disciplines – not just one particular thing”.

Smith said his dream was to launch a skater clothing line: “I grew up skateboarding, but could never find a strong enough concept that I thought could sustain a brand. I also grew up obsessed with playing arcade games using a ‘two bop’, or 20c coin, to play. I used this obsession with video games as the main inspiration when we began. I then started to draw on the corner store where you found these games as an inspiration to inform the brand further.”

The brand is well supported, but still has that feeling of being a rarity.

“Our supporters come from a wide array of subcultures, and we’re always proud of the diversity of people who show love and support,” Smith added.

Popular hip-hop artists such as Youngsta CPT have been spotted rocking 2Bop’s designs that originated on the streets of Cape Town.

“There’s no getting away from your immediate surroundings. Cape Town also has a rich history of subcultures and dressing up in its own way. We hope to add to that tradition and keep it going. Historically, it was the capital of the local textile industry, so there are good suppliers and skilled people around, even though the industry has changed drastically in the past 20 years,” he said.

The brand’s latest range was showcased at this year’s SA Men’s Fashion Week – an unorthodox move for a streetwear boutique. With that range, Smith says 2Bop tried to move away from its usual colour palette, resulting in something a lot more understated than what it has dropped in the past.

“We don’t see ourselves as a traditional fashion brand, so it’s always interesting to be pushed out of our comfort zone and onto the runway.”

Laid back, smart and hood all on one rack, their latest range hits the mark if you’re trying to push a ghetto chic approach to your style.