Body positivity campaigns are so important. In a world where beauty ideals and unattainable body goals are constantly thrown in our faces; these campaigns help to establish an equilibrium which balances out some of our doubt, and makes us feel more included in a mix that is diverse. 

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Marie Claire recently launched published its annual Naked Issue and #DearBody campaign in which many local celebrities were featured. 

On Twitter, people shared their experiences with their bodies and some of them even apologised to their bodies for not loving them the way they should have loved them. Here are some of the posts: 

More and more fashion campaigns and online fashion look books (or catalogs) are using unedited pictures of models and it has become an important trend that shows us that a 'perfect body' doesn't really exist - it's photoshopped and edited, it's a manufactured body created by us. 

Local brands have also joined in by featuring a diverse range of models. They have also moved away from photoshopping stretch marks and they get a thumbs up for that. 

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Brands such as Akina Label, Nude Wear SA and Nette Rose have been doing an amazing job at showing that their lingerie and swimwear can be worn by anyone. 

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While we are inspired to embrace our bodies, the journey is long and it takes time for people to get to a place they are completely comfortable with their bodies.

We asked people which part of their body they are still learning to embrace and this is what they said: 

I’ve always hated being in my underwear or bikini in front of people. But over the last few years I’ve become really fit and started eating (mostly) healthy foods and smaller portions. I lost 7kgs. But ever since, it’s never really been about the weight for me. I’ve maintained it, but it has become more about feeling strong, and balanced. Before I felt weak and like I had zero say about my own body. Now it moves with me, instead of independently of me. I love it because it’s mine, and not something I feel anyone else can criticise or judge.
My weight, my eyes, and my forehead. These are the parts that I grew up being teased about. I was always too skinny; and my forehead too big. I've been appreciating my body more recently, especially after seeing a well-known poet embrace her slenderness. I've always felt like I can't complain about my body because I'm skinny, but that poet affirmed for me that I'm a part of the body postivity narrative also, just like anyone else, and so I'm bravely learning how to accept every part of me.
My legs. I guess just owning them and realising that they not about to change. Just loving myself more and knowing that they're a beautiful part of me.

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