We once made the controversial statement that Jo'burg people might just be more stylish or should we say 'fashion conscious' than Cape Town people. This, of course, is completely objective, though so don't come to our office with guns!

But it's just natural that your style will be influenced by your locale, especially when we consider lifestyle and weather.

So we've decided we are actually mad for all our babes...

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A few style takeaways from the last few months...

Girls go without pants in Jozi and still slay all the way...

Their approach to athleisure is sick AF...

#Squadgoals are often taken to another level in Jozi

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When it comes to Cape Town style rules, guuurls mostly like to keep it chilled, but still look effortlessly put-together.

still alive

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Overall, we want to steal the style of all these Cape Town, KZN and Jozi gals:

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Failure to dress up on a Monday? Bring back old photo featuring favourite shoes ??

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[Over. The. Rainbow. A] ??????

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Tell us more about what fashion is like in your city? What is your go-to look?