Whenever I'm in a big, mainstream clothing store I get the urge to yell out "SHOP LOCAL!" or "STOP BUYING SHOES MADE BY TINY HUMANS IN 3rd WORLD SWEAT SHOPS!

But then I realise, I am inside a mainstream clothing store, and thus, part of the problem.

So, because of the socially constructed laws of decency and my own hypocrisy, I don't make a scene.

I know it's difficult, because who can say no to fast fashion? Shoes for R159. An off-the-shoulder number for R200. The list is endless and consumption is our middle name.

But consider this, our local designers make stuff that are waaaaaaaaaaay better quality, that are unique and aren't made in sweat shops.

Model: Ahlume Monese

Lipstick: Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge, #202, Nuit and Jour, R399.

Here are some local talent to consider shopping this festive season:

Pichulik gravity gold earrings, R670.

Pichulik straw hat, R750 (worn with Famke earrings).

Famke gold drop earrings, R400.

Crystal Birch beret, R850 - worn with Waif earrings

Waif earring on its own, R490.

Crystal Birch purple feather hat, R1500.

Kirsten Goss single OXO earring, R2550.

Images: Marisa Crous