The '90s is still continuing to make a comeback and we're not complaining.

The reason for the comeback? Millennials associate certain trends with their favourite childhood icons, like the box braids Janet Jackson slayed in Poetic Justice and the slip dresses that make you feel as fashion-forward as Cher from Clueless.

There were such a vast range of looks, in fact, the '90s gave us each something to love, and now we are rolling with it in 2017.

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Here's our top five favourite trends to shop right now:

Platform shoes

This was Baby Spice's (Emma Bunton) style staple which she often styled with a cute mini dress. Whether sequinned, PVC or white platform kicks, she always gave us a reason to notice her shoes.

Shop the 2017 versions of these stompers at TOPSHOP.

Or do you rather prefer something a little more low key? Shop these Old Skool Vans at Superbalist for R999.

Tracksuit pants

Was Sporty Spice (Mel C) your gal? She'd be so proud if she saw you rocking a pair of relaxed-fit tracksuit pants with a crisp shirt just to add some casual chic.

Shop this pair for R349 at Spree.

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We'll always remember Aaliyah as the darling of Hip Hop. She was also responsible for making bandanas a highly coveted accessory for young women across the world. 

Lindo Buthelezi says "the bandana is back and it's the coolest low key item to wear on your body or to add as an accessory to a bag. They are incredibly cheap, starting from around R10, and super easy to style."

Watch as she shows you six effortless ways to style a bandana/silk scarf:

Micro-mini skirts

As a petite woman Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) mastered the art of playing with proportion to create the illusion of super long pins in mini skirts.

Mini skirts work throughout the seasons - with stockings during winter and without in summer.

Shop this red denim mini just in time for spring at Zara.

Or get this denim skirt with lacing detail at H&M, R629

Dramatic denim

'90s pop icon Britney Spears really had a thing for offbeat denim ensembles. A simple, regular pair of jeans with no extra detail? Not Britney's vibe.

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You may not be as brave as she may have been with her denim choices, but the takeaway here is that jeans were way more out there during the Baby One More Time era than the skinnies we've gotten so comfortable with.

So ditch the denim comfort zone and shop these items:

Mid-rise frayed jeans from Zara.

Denim dungaree, R279.99 at MRP.

MOTO denim pinafore available at TOPSHOP.

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