I find it problematic that we are constantly pestered to ‘love your body’. Well, not the ‘loving’ bit as much as the prescribed ‘how to’ part.

If a body came with an instruction manual it would go a long way to eliminate the awkward self-conscious teen (and sometimes adult) phase.

While it would be cool to be born completely accepting of yourself and your bumps and bits, sometimes the fun lies in figuring it all out.

So when we are told exactly how to love our bodies and it still feels uncomfortable, then we are doing our bodies some sort of disservice.

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If loving your body means showing a bucket of boob, then do just that. If it makes you uncomfortable, hide your bumps.

You. Do.You. Never has this bit of self-motivational fist-pumping been more valid.

And when it comes to dressing for big boobs in autumn and winter, it can be a little bit tricky.

Mostly because cold weather means layering. Big boobs already make you feel rather large - like you’re carrying twins around. So why on earth would  you want to add more fabric?!

Here are a few guidelines to follow for an easy, breezy approach to your big-breasted winter wardrobe:

First of all the Telegraph.co.uk notes that you need to ask yourself what kind of big boob-haver you are. Which brings me back to my original point – are you a boob flasher or a cleavage concealer? How do you do you?

The answer to this will naturally influence your clothing choices.

V-and scoop-necks are your friends

They will complement your bust and show off your cleavage. How low will you go? That depends on you, girl.

Sleeves are your friends

A sleeve is always good to balance things out. So indulge in all the lovely poofy sleeves currently trending.

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Tuck it

To avoid looking poofy or too bulky when wearing a man’s striped shirt, remember to tuck it in. The tuck can be very stylish and change the shape of your entire ensemble from frumpy to fabulous.

Coats – go simple and chic

Don’t over-complicate your coat situation. Stay away from bold prints and ignore super oversized and belted styles.

Layering is optional

Instead of layering, why not do the summer and winter combo? To me this means wearing a simple tight cotton tee with a pair of my favourite high-waisted Levi’s and a puffer jacket.

Manrepeller.com notes that tight t-shirts are your new best friend saying "I know, I know: high neck + tight top is a recipe for a Jane Austen novel mother’s bosom meets weird sexy nurse costume. BUT, keep it minimal and balance out the tightness with something loose on the bottom and you’ve got yourself looking like a body instead of a blowup doll.”

So then you’ll be warm when outside and fresh and cool as you head into the warmer indoors.

Two extremes living in perfect harmony.

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