Karlie Kloss is under fire for appearing in a Japanese-themed editorial in the March Diversity Issue of Vogue - celebrating its 125th year of being published.

Kloss is styled like a Geisha, in a kimono with the trademark white face, rosebud mouth and pink eyeshadow and the traditional Shimada hairstyle.

Yes, dressing a white woman as a Geisha was thought to be a good idea for Vogue's Diversity Issue.

Kloss has come under fire in the past for partaking in fashion shoots and shows where cultural appropriation was a massive issue. Refinery29 notes that outrage ensued on social media when Kloss wore a Native American-inspired headdress at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

She was also part of the Marc Jacobs' ill-advised spring '17 lineup that featured a brigade of white models wearing rainbow-coloured dreadlocks.

Is it just me, or does the fashion industry never learn from its mistakes?

There is really no excuse for opting to use a white model instead of a Japanese model in a shoot like this one. Just none. It's 2017, and we need to do better.


Kloss has since apologised on Twitter, saying:

See some of the comments in response to the shoot, as seen on Twitter: