The internet has called Kylie Jenner out again, this time for apparently pinching a camo clothing range from the Plugged NYC store.

Plugged NYC is a new black-owned indie brand based in New York that has camouflage clothing as one of its signature collections. In fact, they have even featured the reality TV star a couple of times on their Instagram page as Kylie has rocked some of their apparel.

So there seems to be an element of betrayal at play here.

Screenshots were dropped on Twitter last week, exposing someone from Kylie's team who had requested samples of the range from the owner, Tizita Balemlay, not too long before Kylie launched her new camo range from The Kylie Shop.  

What the screenshots revealed was the fact that the samples were clearly requested for the purposes of emulating the designs.

Not only were the two-piece camo designs not the original designs of Kylie's creative posse, but they also bear great resemblance to Destiny Child's 2001 Survivor music video.

As a result of this, Teen Vogue pointed out that Kylie is a name which often pops up in the cultural appropriation discussion, so by now you would think she would know not to take credit for the styles she appropriates from black women - in this particular instance, the two-piece camo outfits.

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Yet it seems like every time the youngest Jenner sibling gets called out, she fails to do right by the people she has offended and simply finds yet another way to offend them. 

She's also found herself in social media hot water before for wearing her hair in braids and cornrows - hairstyles which used to previously be deemed "ghetto" on the black women who actually invented them.

But this time she has blatantly copied clothes more recently popularised by black women in Hip Hop culture.

And yes, it's normal for clothing lines to be inspired by the work of other designers, which is why imitating clothing styles is technically not illegal.

But it becomes problematic when you "draw inspiration" in an exploitative manner and this is why the internet continues to drag the Kardashian-Jenner clan every time one of them pulls a copycat stunt like this.

All Kylie had to do show how much she apparently loves the Plugged NYC brand was to keep wearing it rather than imitating it stitch for stitch.