Days before Father’s Day I asked some of my friends to share their gifts ideas with me. And the typical: cologne, camping gear, wine or supplements gift choices were thrown around, but the last answer I ever expected to hear as a gift request was for an Aloha shirt, otherwise known as the Hawaiian shirt. 

A friend whose dad, who in his sixties is a self-proclaimed dandy, relentlessly searched for his cool paradisiacal Hawaiian shirt for years and shared that receiving such a shirt for Father’s Day would be the ultimate gift.

We rolled our eyes and laughed this ‘ludicrous’ idea off only to discover weeks later that the Aloha shirt is making waves, not only in menswear, but in womenswear too… (So maybe our parents are always right after all).

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Florals are a timeless classic and we have seen varying versions of them over the past few seasons. From the romantic to the eye-popping, from moody winter florals to metallic prints. And since Hawaiian prints come into fashion every couple of decades, it was really only a matter of time before the full emergence of this trend. However, I like many others still feel blindsided by its appearance. 

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Look no further than your dad’s cupboard for some inspiration and remember that an oversized shirt is the trick to getting this trend right.

Just add a bomber or a nice puffer jacket to wrong this cool look in winter. 

Shop the following picks on our list:

Rock this trend in this luxe, long-sleeved satin shirt, R629 from H&M.

Turn up your vintage swag by matching this island shirt with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans or denim skirt. Available at Topshop.

This trend is the perfect excuse to wear as much colour as you want and look effortlessly stylish.

Keeping it casual in these perfect summer @zara shorts ???-Bren

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Shop these tropical prints at Zara:

Get this printed Vicky frill neck blouse for R999 at Spree.

Or add some shine to the aloha shirt trend in this metallic jacquard piece by Prada.

And nothing screams Aloha like a flamingo inspired shirt.

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