You’ll most probably find your typical grandmothers sitting in her rocking chair knitting woolly jumpers for their grandbabies – but not this sassy 88-year-old.

Taiwanese gran Moon Lin is totally owning the latest fashion trends – and her 70 000 Instagram followers can’t enough of her daily looks.

Many of her Instagram followers call her “grandma” as it’s a common word used in Taiwan to refer to older women.

"This grandma's fashion sense is better than me!” says a follower, “I really admire you."

She effortlessly shows young people how to rock their ripped mom jeans and oversized hoodies with her adorable posts.

Not only does this fashion-forward granny have Instagram, but she connects with her followers on Facebook as well.

“You can wear what you want to wear,” says Moon Li in a Facebook post. “Try to do things you’ve never done before.”