Jeans shopping is the worst, right? Just the thought of it...

To find a perfect pair that highlights your assets and doesn't work against the length of your legs is tricky.

But we have a cheat sheet!

Focus on your height

Katya Torres, owner of New York City–based denim tailoring company, Denim Surgeon, told whowhatwear that when it comes to flattering denim lengths and styles for shorter and taller women, it’s all about knowing your vertical proportions.

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Short women

For shorter-than-average women (under 1.6m) she suggests you avoid baggy and boxy-cut jeans, jeans that are too long, and jeans with inseams that are under 53cm (learn how to measure your inseam here).

Josephine Eve from Personal Fashion Stylist further notes that short women, whether curvy or slim, should try avoid rolled up styles as they tend to cut you off at the legs, giving you an even shorter appearance.

Instead, opt for jeans that are slim-fitting, straight-cut, cropped or ankle-length and raw hems. Very lengthy jeans will end up looking sloppy, but if you like flared-cut jeans you can still wear them with a very high heel or wedge that will be completely covered by the jeans' hem, says Katya. This will create an illusion of longer legs.

Shop these flattering jeans:

Ameli raw hem skinny, R369,

Tube denim jeans, R179,99, MRP.

Vintage High Cropped Jeans, R629, H&M.

Tonni Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans, R799, Spree.

Gigi regular retro flare jeans, R424, Spree.

Tall women

Whether you are a 6 or a size 18, you always have a lot of options. She suggests high-waisted jeans, whether it be long, slim or cropped, but it also depends on your personal preference. If you want your legs to appear even longer, avoid shorter inseams as well and shop for bootleg or flared-cut jeans.

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Shop these pretty jeans:

Slim metallic-print jeans, R629, H&M.

Dark bootleg jeans, R350, Woolworths.

Embroidered wide leg jeans, R399, Superbalist.

Kick flare jeans, R629, H&M.

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