What you will need:
# 6 metres of 50 x 50mm pine
# 18 metres of 22 x 150mm pine
# 30 and 60mm wood screws
# Wood filler
# Wood glue
# Woodoc 30
# Stain concentrate in your choice of wood tint
# Paint brush
# Drill/driver (we use a Bosch PSR-12 drill-driver)
# Assorted drill and screwdriver bits
# Sander with 180-grit sanding pads
# Jigsaw or circular saw
# Handle and screws
# Hinges with screws
# Heavy duty plastic
# Tape measure
# Pencil

* The above supplies are available at most hardware stores.

Build your Own Garden Cubby
Click here for a more detailed guide, which includes illustrations for your convenience. Or simply follow the instructions below...

1. To create the side frames cut [4] 50 x 50mm pine to 500mm length and [4] 50 x 50 x 400mm length. Create 2 square frames measuring 500 x 500mm. Drill, countersink, glue and screw the frames together using 60mm wood screws.

2. For the front and back sections cut [4] 50 x 50mm pine to 400mm length. Drill, countersink, glue and screw these between the 2 frames at the corners, forming a box frame.

3. For the sides and back attach 22 x 150mm planks cut to 500mm length. Apply vertically to 3 sides of the box frame, gluing and screwing them from the inside frame. Note that the sides must overhang the frame at back and front to the thickness of your boards. This will allow the back and door to sit flush with the sides.

4. For the inside bottom cut 4 pieces to the width of the bottom cabinet. Note that the front and back pieces will need to be notched to fit around the 50 x 50mm corner frame pieces. TIP: To prevent splitting, pre-drill 2 holes into the ends of each board. Glue and screw the boards in place.

5. To construct the top section use 22 x 150mm pine and cut 2 pieces at 540mm in length and 2 pieces at 510mm to make a box. Drill, countersink, glue and screw the box together. Make a bottom for the box by laying it on a flat surface and aligning boards inside. Drill, countersink, glue and screw them into the sides.

6. Make the door from 22 x 150mm pieces and align them vertically on a flat surface. Create a 150mm plank into 3 pieces of 22 x 50mm and centre and screw these to the back of the door at the top and bottom. Measure diagonally between the top left and bottom right of these two boards and cut a piece of pine to fit. This will keep the door square. Glue and screw it in place. Make sure the door fits the opening and then install hinges and a handle of your choice.

7. Fill all screw holes with wood filler, sand the box and stain in your choice of colour, adding the stain to Woodoc 30 Exterior Sealer and applying according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Create the planting tray (at the top)
1. Use 22 x 150mm pine to make a frame to fit inside the top section. Drill, countersink, glue and screw the box together. Line the frame with a single sheet of heavy duty plastic, overlapping the outside of the frame. Staple the plastic in place.

2. Insert the planter tray into the box top and fill with soil. Add annuals, water and enjoy.

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