You will need 

• 22mm x 44mm planed pine, cut to:

  • eight 175mm lengths (cut one end at a 45° angle)
  • four 350mm lengths (cut both ends at a 45° angle)

• 6mm x 40mm chipboard screws
• Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue
• Alcolin Woodfiller
• 120-grit sandpaper 

How to

1 Using the Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue, glue and then screw the 350mm piece between two 175mm pieces (angled corners against each other) to form a U-shape. Repeat the process to make three more U-shapes.

2 Glue and screw the four U-shapes to each other in a clockwise direction (see photo 2). Fill in the screw holes with woodfiller; allow to dry completely and sand thoroughly.