Give your skin the love and attention it needs with the revolutionary SBR Repair and SBR Lipocream from the Adcock Ingram range. These products are medically designed to help restore the skin barrier function in dry skin conditions in three stages:

  • Reducing water evaporation from the skin;
  • Replacing lost lipids in the skin’s visible outer layer;
  • Penetrating to the skin’s epidermis to replace lost lipids for up to 24 hours.

SBR Lipocream assists in treating dry skin, fortifying and repairing the skin’s barrier function by replacing two physiological skin lipids.

The special formulation of SBR Repair restores the skin’s barrier, working to accelerate recovery by carrying skin-identical barrier lipids to the epidermis where they last longer.

Both products are a must-have for your skin all year round.

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Each hamper includes:

  • two SBR products in two sizes
  • a customised Lou Harvey and SBR Creams cosmetics bag
  • a chic towelling headband and facecloth
  • a Zoku travel bottle
  • two branded beach towels
  • a Lou Harvey management diary and a Lou Harvey tote bag

Closing date: 18 March 2018