Design of the week

Even some of the worst culture-appropriating rappers can create products worth loving. Little surprise then that Die Antwoord, whom we absolutely love to hate, have struck gold with their fabulous Zef Zol collection of marijuana products and accessories. Created in collaboration with California-based artisanal dagga dispensary The Natural Cannabis Company, it’s a high-end, blinging blend of technology design and their signature zef aesthetic.

The Zef Zol merchandise is amazingly vast, with black-and-gold dagga-print leggings, brass leaf grinders, unbleached rolling papers, towering glass bongs branded with the Zef Zol logo, and fun ganja-leaf T-shirts. There are also actual weed products, which includes (scarily) big boxes of dagga packaged in cookie boxes, cannabis gummie sweets, a strawberry-flavoured cannabis sucker, vape pens and vape pen refill cartridges.

They range from about $4 (R53) for the papers to $120 for a full Zef Zol kit, but are, of course, only available in California to US residents with a valid medical marijuana prescription.

They set an example of the kind of luxury products that could be made for the upper end of the local market once marijuana legislation in this country comes into being. With a global legal cannabis trade that is expected to grow into a R666 billion global industry by 2026, according to the latest Cowen Group research, it’s positive to see South Africans slowly entering the market, however problematic their music might be.

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