We all try to create magic with our Christmas decorations, but somehow things can easily turn messy.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Christmas in style – your style, whether traditional, quirky, earthy, bling or minimalist.

Christmas tree tips

Having fewer colours for decorations will look more styled and cohesive.

Try everything green, or all gold, or a not-so-Christmassy colour palette such as orange or pink.

Repeat 1 to 3 types of decorations for the entire tree for a more organised look. Let your Christmas decorations compliment the style of your home and reflect your personality.

Be different with quirky decorations, such as kids’ dinosaur figurines, keys or African animal figurines - all spray-painted the same colour.

Typo also has decorations with attitude:

For a classical look with a personal touch hang a collection of old fashioned cookie cutters, cupcake pans, real apples or homemade cookies on pretty ribbons or twine.

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Opt for sea shells and sea stars on the tree, if you are at the seaside for the festive season and keep to a nautical colour scheme. Sea sand under the tree will add to the atmosphere. 

Linen ribbons, rather than tinsel, wrapped around trees, are seen everywhere this season.

Cement, wood, felt and paper decorations in natural colours give a contemporary earthy feel.

Traditionally Christmas trees are real or faux spruce trees decorated with hanging ornaments. If that doesn’t do it for you, try a tree made of sticks, planks, steel or even laser cut plywood or Perspex.

Santos has a great selection such as the minimalist copper and proudly African metal baobab Christmas trees. Green Grass Design’s laser cut wooden tree packs flat after Christmas.

 You can shop these pieces at Greengrassdesign.co.za from R350.00

Other decorations

Although the Christmas tree is usually the focal point of Christmas décor, there are other, more subtle ways to decorate your home by either to replacing your tree or pulling the theme through to other areas of the home.

Decorate walls with fairy lights and stringed Christmas tree ornaments:

Traditional Christmas wreaths get a quirky touch with a silhouette of a reindeer in the middle:

A festive message in a lightbox, available from Typo, is a trendy way to share your Christmas wishes:

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Stars, candles and Christmas berries displayed on your coffee table is a subtle reminder of the time of year and works well in a more traditional or African inspired home.

Adding bling elements such as gold scatter cushions and candlesticks will whisper that festivities are about to start.

Swipe right on our sequin cushions ?? #typoshop

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Christmas table setting

Go all out for Christmas Eve and Christmas day by making effort with your table setting. 

Let the table décor be the same theme and colour scheme as the other decorations:

Repeat tree décor on the table coupled with fresh flowers or foliage from the garden, Christmas lights and candles.

Polish your silverware and dust off your heirloom plates, under plates, gravy boats and all the formal serving dishes you hardly ever get to use during the year.

Use linen napkins and add name tags, personal messages or small gifts for a special touch:

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