Friday evenings by the fire

Host a bring ‘n braai, potjie or tshisa nyama. Whatever you call it, just gather up your friends and some family and tell them to bring their meat, a salad (Food24 has some great ideas) or snack and their own xyz.

Saturdays on a trail

Lace up your sneakers, hit the trail, and see for yourself what lies ahead of that little hill or mountain. There are many benefits of hiking or going for long walks:

1.    It is a great way to de-stress.
2.    It is fun way to keep fit.
3.    It is an opportunity to picnic!

Sundays at the cinema

What better way to end off the weekend if you’re working the next day? After a movie (Channel24 has a list of what’s on), a little window shopping can be fun, so by the next coming weekend ,you know what you will be buying.