At first glance, the shot on the left looks like just another combination of colour and design. But, take a second look and you’re met by the words “See Asia like Asians do”, with an additional tag saying: “To read the text, screw up your eyes.” 

Now, I get where the Ukranian ad agency Tabasco was trying to go with this – they want potential sightseers to become familiar with the continent as a local, not as a tourist. That’s an awesome concept. But, in the same way as my colleague Kele found this cartoon of our new top cop being portrayed as a maid insulting, so too is this imagery.

Tell me, how can you publish a collage of people slanting their eyes and then not expect some to find it derogatory?


The debate got heated, with thousands of angry  – and not so angry – people expressing their feelings on various social networks.

“Racist and stupid… you can read the message even without doing that,” wrote a livid user, Kikin, on Another blogger called Angry Asian Man quipped: “It’s unbelievable that it never crossed anyone’s mind that this might be kind of, you know, racist.”

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Is this all an overreaction or do you – like me –  see the simmering racist undertones? Share your thoughts below.